FEC chair tweets memo on foreign election activity, alleges GOP colleague tried to block her

The chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) shared a now-viral 57-tweet thread Friday alleging that a Republican colleague blocked her from releasing a draft memo on prohibited election involvement by foreign nationals in a weekly digest and tweeting the memo herself. 

"Funny story. The @FEC puts out a 'Weekly Digest' of everything we do, an immensely helpful public resource,” Ellen L. Weintraub tweeted Friday evening. "This week, I published a 'Draft Interpretive Rule Concerning Prohibited Activities Involving Foreign Nationals' on the [FEC] web site."

"GOP FEC Commissioner Caroline Hunter took the altogether unprecedented step of objecting to its being added to the Digest and blocked publication of the whole Digest as a result," Weintraub continued. 


Weintraub tweeted out the details of the memo, sharing that "I always thought these anti-regulatory people liked the First Amendment well enough. I guess they think it's just for corporations. I'm not fond of anyone trying to suppress my speech."

The FEC’s digest has been published every Friday in 2019 and has been regularly released going back to 2009, according to The Washington Post

Weintraub continued tweeting out details from her memo as well as the scheduled weekly digest and resources for campaigns. The tweets contained several updates on penalties for violations of campaign laws.

The Hill has reached out to the FEC for comment.