Trump says you’re ‘not allowed to say’ women are beautiful anymore because of #MeToo

Aaron Schwartz

President Trump said Friday that “we’re not allowed to say” women are beautiful anymore because of the #MeToo movement when he spoke at the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House. 

{mosads}”I saw Candace probably three, four years ago… I saw this woman on television I said, ‘man I don’t want to mess with her. She’s tough.’ Now I’m not allowed to say it, you know that. I’m not allowed to say it anymore, but she’s also beautiful,” Trump said, referring to conservative activist Candace Owens. 

“Under the ‘MeToo’ generation we’re not allowed to say it. So all of you young brilliant guys, never, ever call a woman beautiful, please. You’re not allowed to do it. And I’ve kept doing it and I’ve never been told by that woman never to do it,” he added. 

Trump then invited Owens onstage. She praised Trump for looking youthful after two years in office and then alleged that the media believes they will impeach him. 

“The media, the audacity of them to think that they are going to impeach our president,” she said. 

 He made similar comments at a rally last month in New Mexico, telling the crowd they have become wealthier and better looking since he took office. 

“Even with the ‘MeToo’ movement, we can’t say this, but I’ll say it anyway: You’re better looking, including the men,” he said.  

The MeToo movement seeks to end sexual violence and misconduct. 

Brett Samuels contributed to this report. 

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