Half of voters back impeaching, removing Trump: poll

Half of voters back impeaching, removing Trump: poll
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Half of registered voters in a new poll support impeaching and removing President TrumpDonald John TrumpKaine: Obama called Trump a 'fascist' during 2016 campaign Kaine: GOP senators should 'at least' treat Trump trial with seriousness of traffic court Louise Linton, wife of Mnuchin, deletes Instagram post in support of Greta Thunberg MORE.

The Politico–Morning Consult survey released early Wednesday found that 50 percent of registered voters said they support impeaching and removing Trump, while 42 percent opposed it. 

Similarly, 50 percent of registered voters said they would support the House impeaching Trump, while 43 percent disagreed.

Fifty percent also said they support the current impeachment inquiry it, while 44 percent opposed it. 


The results were largely split along party lines — 88 percent of Democrats supported impeaching and removing Trump, while 12 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of independents agreed.

Seven percent of Democrats, 83 percent of Republicans and 42 percent of independents opposed removing the president. 

Pollsters also found that 83 percent of Democrats, 44 percent of independents and 16 percent of Republicans supported the impeachment inquiry. 

Researchers surveyed 1,991 registered voters, and their survey has a margin of sampling error of 2 percentage points.

The poll is the latest in recent days to ask about Trump's removal. 

The Washington Post–Schar School poll released Tuesday found that 58 percent believe the House was correct to launch the inquiry, while 38 percent disagreed.

In the survey, 49 percent said lawmakers in the lower chamber should impeach Trump and call for his removal from office.