Trump campaign dismisses 'garbage' poll from Fox News on impeachment

A Trump campaign official dismissed a Fox News poll that said a majority of respondents supported impeachment as "garbage."

The official Andrew Clark attributed the record number of people supporting impeachment in a Fox News poll to a higher number of Democrats polled.


“It’s not hard to get 51 percent in favor of impeachment when nearly half of those polled were Democrats," Clark said. "The media should put this poll where it belongs — in the garbage.”

The poll says 48 percent of the participants identify as Democrats, while 40 percent of those surveyed identify as Republican. Twelve percent of respondents identified as independent or other.

The campaign's Twitter account tweeted about the poll Thursday morning saying it is "trash." 

The Fox News poll found 51 percent of respondents supported Trump's impeachment and removal from office. Another 4 percent backed the president's impeachment but did not want him removed. Forty percent were fully opposed to impeachment.

The Fox News poll surveyed 1,003 registered voters between Oct. 6 and 8 with a margin of error of 3 percentage points.