Mulvaney says he didn't offer to resign over press conference

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday he did not offer his resignation following a controversial press conference in which he indicated a quid pro quo transaction took place between President Trump and the Ukrainian president.


Fox News's Chris Wallace asked Mulvaney on "Fox News Sunday" if he offered his resignation after the press conference. 


The acting chief of staff answered that he "absolutely, positively" did not. 


"I'm very happy working there," Mulvaney said. 


"Did I have the perfect press conference? No," Mulvaney continued.


"I still think I'm doing a pretty good job as the chief of staff," he added, saying he thinks Trump recognizes that. 


Mulvaney found himself at the center of controversy on Thursday after he said during an on-camera briefing with reporters that aid to Ukraine was withheld in part because the administration wanted cooperation from Kiev in investigations of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.


Democrats blasted the comments, which were a surprise given the administration's insistence there was no quid pro quo involving the aid and the investigations. 


Mulvaney sought to walk back the remarks later on Thursday, and in the interview with Wallace he said never used the words "quid pro quo" and had not drawn a link between the two issues.