8 in 10 say there is little or no chance they will change their minds on impeaching Trump: poll

8 in 10 say there is little or no chance they will change their minds on impeaching Trump: poll
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An overwhelming majority of respondents in a new poll say they have made up their minds about whether or not to impeach President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump alludes to possible 2024 run in White House remarks Trump threatens to veto defense bill over tech liability shield Tiger King's attorney believes they're close to getting pardon from Trump MORE.

The survey from Politico/Morning Consult released early Wednesday found 62 percent of respondents said there is no chance they could change their minds regarding impeachment, with another 19 percent reporting there’s only a small chance of doing so.


Only 2 percent said there is a strong chance they could change their mind, with another 8 percent responding that there is “some chance” they could change their mind.

The percentage of those in the poll who support removing Trump from office nearly mirrors support for the impeachment inquiry. Forty-nine percent of voters in the poll support the House impeaching Trump, and 48 percent support the Senate removing him from office.

Overall, though, very few voters said they believe Trump will actually be removed from office.

Only 8 percent of respondents say it’s “very likely” the Senate will remove the president, and just 14 percent say it’s even “somewhat likely.”

“Our polling suggests voters are pessimistic that a House impeachment of President Trump will result in a Senate conviction,” Tyler Sinclair, Morning Consult’s vice president, told Politico. “Notably, 51 percent of voters — including 61 percent of Democrats, 48 percent of independents, and 42 percent of Republicans — believe the House of Representatives will impeach Trump but the Senate won’t remove him from office.”

The findings come hours before the first public hearing before the House Intelligence Committee as part of Democrats' impeachment inquiry against Trump.

Few respondents, however, told pollsters they plan on tuning into the first public impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill in 21 years.  

Just 27 percent said it’s “very likely” they will watch, with another 31 percent saying it’s “somewhat likely.” Thirty-three percent say it’s not likely they’ll watch the impeachment hearings at all.

The poll was conducted from Nov. 8-10 and surveyed 1,993 voters. The poll has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.