Pence says he'll attend Easter services from home

Pence says he'll attend Easter services from home

Vice President Pence, a staunch evangelical, said that he and his family will be attending Easter services from their home in Washington, D.C., in observance of the White House’s social distancing guidelines. 

“We'll be attending church right in the living room at the vice president's residence, where we’ve been attending for the past several weeks,” Pence said at a White House briefing Wednesday. “The advantage is we get to go to our home church in Indiana.”


The pandemic appears to be hitting the country hardest just as Americans across the country prepare to celebrate religious holidays. Most Americans will have to remain home during Easter celebrations as well as Ramadan, which begins later this month, and Passover, which begins Wednesday evening. 

Pence, whose office leads the coronavirus task force, reminded Americans that obeying socials distancing guidelines during these religious holidays will help bring an end to the pandemic. 

"Tonight, as many people at this hour on the East Coast are beginning to sit down for a Seder dinner, the beginning of Passover, and with Easter celebrations this Sunday, I just want to encourage every American to heed the counsel of the guidelines put into effect," Pence said, adding that doing so will "hasten the day that we put the coronavirus in the past and we reopen our country."