Obama lauds House healthcare bill

President Obama on Tuesday applauded the House's introduction of a healthcare reform bill just one day after he warned his critics that he is "going to get this done."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters Monday that Democrats would introduce a bill Tuesday and have it out of the House by the end of July.

The White House was on defense last week, with the president out of the country, and on Monday, when White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was accused of moving the goalposts on what the president viewed as sufficient progress.

Gibbs said Obama would consider asking Congress to delay the August recess if not enough progress had been made.

"The House proposal will begin the process of fixing what’s broken about our healthcare system, reducing costs for all, building on what works and covering an estimated 97 percent of all Americans," Obama said in a statement Tuesday. "And by emphasizing prevention and wellness, it will also help improve the quality of healthcare for every American."

Republicans have sought to delay the healthcare proposal, saying that Pelosi is "ramming it through" Congress.

Rep. Dave Camp (R), whose home state of Michigan was visited by Obama on Tuesday, said on a conference call hosted by the Republican National Committee (RNC) that one of the best things to do to aid the ailing economy now is to "put the brakes on" a healthcare proposal that will significantly raise taxes.

Obama was heading to Warren, Mich., on Tuesday to deliver a speech on expanding and funding community colleges.

"As this process moves forward, I look forward to continuing to work with all House members in ensuring this legislation helps all Americans and plays an essential role in reducing deficits and bringing fiscal sustainability to our nation," Obama said of Tuesday's House proposal.