State lifts global travel warnings amid COVID-19

State lifts global travel warnings amid COVID-19
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The State Department on Thursday lifted its global warning for U.S. citizens traveling internationally amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying it would rate countries on a case-by-case basis given improving health and safety conditions in some areas. 

The agency’s Level 4 Health Advisory, its highest threat warning, was implemented in mid-March and warned Americans against any international travel. The warning came as countries around the world began shuttering their borders to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The lowering of the health risk comes as some countries are experimenting with international travel and tourism to inject money into economies deeply hurt by the pandemic. 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided a list of countries and their health risks, with about 20 countries listed as a low or very low risk of COVID-19. 

Yet despite the lifting of the global health advisory, American travelers are not welcomed everywhere. America is the country leading the world in COVID-19 cases, with about 4.9 million of the 18.9 million cases globally, according to the latest numbers from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. 

The European Union instituted a ban on U.S. visitors beginning July 1. The Bahamas initially banned American travelers in mid-July before adjusting the decision to require a 14-day quarantine at a government facility. 

The U.S., in turn, has banned entry to travelers from China, the United Kingodm, Northern Ireland, the EU, Brazil and Iran amid the pandemic.