Harris shares advice for women she mentors

Harris shares advice for women she mentors
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Vice President Harris shared advice for women she mentors during a new interview, advising them to not be held back by other peoples’ expectations.

Harris sat down with MSNBC’s Mika BrzezinskiMika Emilie BrzezinskiEx-NBC anchor Kasie Hunt to join CNN Biden nominates Mark Brzezinski to be U.S. ambassador to Poland Kasie Hunt headed to CNN after NBC departure: report MORE for an exclusive interview that aired Tuesday on "Morning Joe," which Brzezinski co-hosts.

In a clip shared to Twitter on Monday, Harris listed off many things she has heard from people over the course of her career, adding that she encourages others not to take those words to heart.


“I eat 'no' for breakfast,” Harris said. “So, have I been told many times during my career, many times, like ‘Oh, you’re too young.’ ‘It's not your turn.’ ‘They’re not ready for you.’ ‘No one like you has done it before.’ I’ve heard all of those things many times over the course of my career.”

“But I don’t listen and I would encourage anyone who’s been told that, whatever their gender, to not listen because again, don’t be encumbered by the inability of others to see the potential of who you are,” Harris continued.


Harris further said it’s important to not impose other peoples’ expectations on oneself.

“It’s really important to recognize the limitations that other people have based on their expectations and to not impose that on oneself," she said.