Pompeo: 'Pathetic' for Biden to blame Trump for Afghanistan

Former Secretary of State Mike PompeoMike PompeoObama looks to give new momentum to McAuliffe The CIA's next mission: Strategic competition with China and Russia Biden, Trump tied in potential 2024 match-up: poll MORE said that it is "pathetic” for President BidenJoe BidenGrant Woods, longtime friend of McCain and former Arizona AG, dies at 67 Sanders on Medicare expansion in spending package: 'Its not coming out' Glasgow summit raises stakes for Biden deal MORE to blame former President TrumpDonald TrumpGrant Woods, longtime friend of McCain and former Arizona AG, dies at 67 Super PACs release ad campaign hitting Vance over past comments on Trump Glasgow summit raises stakes for Biden deal MORE for the situation in Afghanistan, which fell to the Taliban on Sunday.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Pompeo told host Mike Wallace that the Biden administration failed to control the situation in Afghanistan, adding that U.S. forces should go back to the country and “crush" the Taliban. 

“I hope we get these folks out. I hope they will bring the airpower. They should go crush these Taliban who are surrounding Kabul. We can do it with American airpower,” Pompeo told Wallace.


“We should put pressure on them. We should inflict cost and pain on them. We shouldn't be begging them to spare the lives of Americans. We should be imposing costs on the Taliban until they allow us to execute our plan in Afghanistan.”

Pompeo also said it was "pathetic" for Biden say he "inherited" the situation in Afghanistan from the Trump administration. 

“If the risks weren't so serious, Chris, it would be pathetic. I wouldn't have let my 10-year-old son get away from this kind of pathetic blame-shifting,” Pompeo said. 

“He should be less focused on trying to blame this on someone else than to solving the problem of making sure that we protect and defend American security.”

Afghanistan's government fell on Sunday, with the Taliban taking control of the capital city Kabul. 

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, and the U.S. Embassy staff in Kabul were evacuated to the airport in Kabul. 

On Saturday, Biden released a statement appearing to blame the former administration for leaving the Taliban "in the strongest position militarily since 2001."

“When I came to office, I inherited a deal cut by my predecessor—which he invited the Taliban to discuss at Camp David on the eve of 9/11 of 2019—that left the Taliban in the strongest position militarily since 2001 and imposed a May 1, 2021 deadline on US forces. Shortly before he left office, he also drew US forces down to a bare minimum of 2,500,” Biden stated.

Biden said Trump’s policies gave him no choice but to either send more troops “to fight once again in another country’s civil conflict” or get the troops and allies out of the country.