Biden's pick for Arizona's US Attorney confirmed by Senate

The U.S. Senate on Friday confirmed President Biden's pick for the United States Attorney for Arizona. 

Gary M. Restaino, a federal prosecutor in Arizona since 2003 and a previous chief of the criminal division and white collar crime section, was confirmed to the post, The Associated Press reported

Arizona Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D) and Mark Kelly (D) lauded Restaino's confirmation in a statement obtained by the AP.


"Gary Restaino brings decades of experience as a federal prosecutor in Arizona, and his unanimous confirmation reflects the Senate’s trust in his qualifications, expertise and commitment to the rule of law and to keeping Arizonans safe and secure,” the senators said.

Restaino previously was part of the prosecution of former Fiesta Bowl executives who attempted to make illegal contributions to politicians and was among the group who successfully prosecuted former U.S. Rep Rick Renzi (R) for extortion and bribery relating to an issue involving federal land, according to the AP. 

Before he joined the U.S. Attorney's Office, Restaino represented farmworkers for a Phoenix legal aid service and participated in the Peace Corps in Paraguay, the AP noted.