White House issues guidebook for communities to access infrastructure funding

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The White House on Monday released a guidebook to help state and local governments access funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law.

The guidebook is a “one-stop-shop” for information about the law, according to the White House, and provides current materials about the more than 375 programs the law will fund for state, local, tribal and territorial governments.

The guidebook was released as Biden welcomed governors to the White House on Monday while they are in Washington for the National Governors Association’s winter meeting.

“Our primary goal is to empower people across the country with information, so they know what to apply for, who to contact, and how to get ready to rebuild,” Mitch Landrieu, senior adviser and infrastructure implementation coordinator, said in a statement.

The more than 460-page guidebook is made up of 12 chapters that group the law’s programs by issue area, and it provides explainers for governments to prepare to receive the funding. It is available online, with information about projects broken up by transportation, climate and energy, and broadband. 

The White House also published data for people to sort programs funded under the law by fields such as agency, amount, recipient and program name.

Governors received a letter earlier this month with recommendations about preparing to receive the funding from the law, which the president signed in November.

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