Despite promises, Andrews will seek his old seat

Rep. Robert Andrews (D) confirmed rumors Thursday that he would try to reclaim his House seat after a failed primary challenge to Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D).

After making what he called a “very personal and perplexing decision,” Andrews said he was going to ask the county committee members in his district to nominate him again on Monday night. The results were not available by press time, but Andrews was expected to have little trouble.


Andrews pledged repeatedly during his Senate campaign not to fall back on his House seat in the event he lost.

He cited his family and constituents as his motivation to go back on that promise.

“In listening to people around my district who have expressed real and humbling support for me, I thought long and hard about it,” he said.

Camille Andrews, the congressman’s wife, has removed her name from the ballot. During her primary campaign she was accused of being a “placeholder” for her husband.

“The voters did evaluate those arguments in the primary,” Rep. Andrews said, noting his wife had won the spot.

The congressman acknowledged that he had been in negotiations with investment bank Goldman Sachs to take a lucrative position with the company, though he refused to disclose the terms of any tentative agreements.

Andrews is set to face prison ministry director Dale Glading (R) in this fall’s contest. The challenger’s campaign launched a website,, slamming Andrews for reneging on his promise not to run.