Celebrity endorsements in the 2012 presidential campaign: Page 6 of 45

altJon Cryer 

The “Two and a Half Men” star endorsed John McCainJohn Sidney McCainDem gains put Sunbelt in play for 2020 Trump set to have close ally Graham in powerful chairmanship Cindy McCain takes aim at Trump: We need a strong leader, 'not a negative Nancy' MORE in 2008, but that doesn’t make him a Republican — and he isn’t endorsing this cycle, a spokeswoman said. Karen Sanfilippo told The Hill: "Jon is not a Republican. The mistake was made because in 2008 he attended events for both parties. It seems the Republican Party was very quick to align him with their group of supporters. He did attend events for both parties, because he wanted to hear what both sides had to say. He's not really political."

Backing the GOP:

Stephen Baldwin | Pat Boone | Dean Cain | Russell Crowe | Jon Cryer
Clint Eastwood | Kelsey Grammer | Producer Craig Haffner | Vanilla Ice 
Retired speed skater Dan Jansen | Author Dean Koontz | Barry Manilow 
Dennis Miller | Chuck Norris | Wayne Newton | Nick Searcy | Gene Simmons 
Gary Sinise | Doug Stanhope | Ben Stein | Janine Turner | Vince Vaughn 
Jon Voight | Hank Williams Jr.

Backing Democrats:
George Clooney | Ari Emanuel | Will Ferrell | Jamie Foxx | Morgan Freeman 
Lady Gaga | Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas | Tom Hanks 
Scarlett Johansson | Rashida Jones | Jeffrey Katzenberg | Eva Longoria 
Gwyneth Paltrow | Sarah Jessica Parker | Julia Roberts | Will Smith 
Steven Spielberg | Harvey Weinstein | Oprah Winfrey | Anna Wintour