Obama group's fundraising sinks lower

The nonprofit political action group created from the remnants of President Obama’s reelection campaign raised just $1.8 million in the third quarter.

The haul is less than half the $3.87 million brought in over the previous three months, which was already a record low for the group.


Organizing for Action (OFA) dramatically scaled back its fundraising efforts out of concern that the group, which supports the president’s policy initiatives, would divert donations from Democratic midterm campaigns. According to The Associated Press, OFA shed half its paid staff and stopped soliciting high-dollar contributions.

In fact, just 20 individuals donated more than $5,000 to OFA in the past quarter. Those donors included beer heir Adolphus Busch IV, who wrote a $10,000 check, and philanthropist and Democratic donor Judith Scheide, the group's largest contributor this quarter, with a $50,000 donation.

OFA spokeswoman Katie Hogan said the group was nevertheless committed to promoting the president’s policy initiatives.

“As OFA gears back up for an aggressive grassroots and online drive to build on the overwhelming success of the initial open enrollment period our supporters are committed to spreading the facts about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act,” Hogan said. “During the fall and winter months OFA will continue guiding Americans who are looking to get covered, as well as continue the work supporting important issues like raising the minimum wage and pushing for comprehensive immigration reform.”

Earlier Friday, the group released a video featuring the president arguing Congress should act on raising the minimum wage.