DNC head: Democrats 'stand on their own'


Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said that with just six days until the midterm elections, Democrats are standing on their own, apart from President Obama.

"As someone who is on the ballot myself in six days from now, I can tell you that any candidate wants to be able to stand on their own," Schultz told MSNBC on Wednesday.
"That's what our candidates are doing. They're focused on the issues that matter to their constituents," she said, adding "of course we have a common agenda that really unites us all," citing jobs and the economy.
Democrats are trying to differentiate themselves publicly from Obama's policies as Republicans use ads, debates and speeches to tie Democrats running in next week's midterm elections to an unpopular president. 
Schultz herself, in a Bloomberg interview last week, struggled when pressed several times to name a Senate race where Obama has actively campaigned for the Democratic candidate, maintaining that "the president is campaigning in competitive races."
Obama has campaigned for some Democratic gubernatorial candidates. 
On Tuesday, Obama was heckled by an immigration reform advocate while stumping for Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. Some attendees were seen in a video leaving the high school gym where Obama spoke before he finished his remarks, similar to another speech for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown earlier this month.
Republicans need to net six seats to win the Senate. Schultz predicted that Democrats would maintain control of the Senate but "it's going to be single digits either way."