Paul hints at Clinton Foundation scandal

Paul hints at Clinton Foundation scandal
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In an interview with Sean Hannity that was taped midday Tuesday but didn’t air until late Tuesday night, Paul told the Fox News Channel host that “hypocrisy” is the first word that comes to his mind when describing the former secretary of State. 
“She wants to be a champion for women’s rights, and yet she takes money from countries that are some of the worst abusers,” Paul said.
The Kentucky Republican hinted strongly there would soon be a new controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation, which he said would be revealed in the next few weeks.
“She was in charge of approving business deals as secretary of State … for anything that relates to our security,” Paul said. “There’s going to be something coming out in the next few weeks of companies she approved deals for … [that gave] significant amounts, over $100 million, being given to her foundation. 
Paul also criticized Clinton for the controversy over her use of a personal email account while secretary of State. He said the revelation that Clinton’s server had been wiped clean “sounds like destroying evidence to me.”
“I think it shows that the Clintons believe that they’re above the law,” Paul said. “That for the rest of us, the common people, we have to obey, but they get to do whatever they want.”
Paul had harsh words for Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, whom he has in the past called a “sexual predator.”
“I still think that the left still hasn’t come to grips with the fact that workplace violence, taking advantage of a 22-year-old girl, the moral disapproval of that, the shunning for someone like that,” he said. “For him to still be accepted shows the bad side of our culture that that would be OK.”