Huckabee: Supreme Court is an ‘extreme court’

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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Saturday skewered the Supreme Court for ruling to legalize same-sex marriage and preserve Obamacare, saying the decisions could lead to “judicial tyranny.”
“Over the last couple of days, our country has seen two of the most blatant, disturbing, disgusting examples of judicial activism in the history of these United States,” the 2016 presidential candidate said in a speech during the second day of the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.
{mosads}“We don’t have a Supreme Court, we have an extreme court,” he added. “We have a court that think it’s not just the Supreme Court, they thinks they are the supreme branch” of government.
“They are not the supreme branch and they are most certainly not the supreme being that can unwrite the laws of nature and the laws of nature’s god, which is exactly what they’ve attempted to do this week,” according to Huckabee.
He urged the audience not to “bow and worship at the alter of judicial supremacy.”
Huckabee said letting the court overrule the two other branches of government and election decisions opens the door to “something very dangerous to our way of life and our great republic: Judicial tyranny where the people no longer rule, five unelected black-robed lawyers rule.”
He said the decision should be up to local and state governments and suggested conservatives simply ignore the ruling, likening it to President Lincoln’s choice not to respect the court’s Dred Scott decision regarding slavery.
Without review by the legislative and executive branches, the court essentially chose to “reach out into thin air and created a law,” according to Huckabee.
He also warned liberals who have celebrated the decision, including the Obama administration, which lit up the White House Friday night with gay-pride colors, to “remember their jubilation” because “someday there may be a conservative court” that reverses the decision.
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