Romney rallies voters in swing-state Colorado with focus on economy

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney rallied voters at a campaign event on Sunday night in the vital battleground state of Colorado.

Romney went after President Obama’s record in the White House, saying America couldn’t withstand another four years of the president’s administration. Romney focused on the struggling economy, saying unemployment was too high and government had grown too big under Obama.

“It’s very clear we can’t afford four more years like the last four years. That’s why we’re going to get the change in Washington that the American people deserve,” Romney said to cheers.

The GOP presidential nominee said Obama is offering nothing new to help boost the U.S. economy and needed to be voted out of office as Romney pitched himself as a reform candidate that could create jobs.

“He’s out of ideas. He’s out of excuses. And in November we’ll get him out of office,” Romney said. “His choice is status quo. My choice is bold, new ideas.”

Romney went through his five-point plan to fix the economy that he first laid out in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, often taking shots at Obama for not doing enough to boost U.S. energy production or for the over-regulation of business. Romney said his plan could create 12 million jobs.

Romney said his experience in the business world would be a plus if he won the White House and said the president didn’t understand America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“Sometimes, I don’t think this president and his people understand these entrepreneurs, these dreamers,” Romney said.

The crowd’s reception for Romney was enthusiastic and loud on a clear night at the outdoor rally in Jefferson County, Colo. Before the GOP nominee jumped on stage, the crowd rocked out to Whitesnake's “Here I Go Again” and took in the Romneys’ biographical video that played at the GOP convention. Chants of “We want Mitt” broke out before and after Romney’s speech.

Colorado is considered a crucial swing state for the 2012 presidential race. It was Romney’s first visit to the state in nearly two months, according to the Denver Post.

Several recent polls have had Obama slightly ahead of Romney in the state. The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows that the president is more than two percentage points ahead of the GOP nominee in Colorado.