Clinton raises $28 million in third quarter

Clinton raises $28 million in third quarter
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The total — slightly more than Bernie Sanders's reported $24 million — was pitched by a Clinton aide over email as "the largest off-year Q3 ever for a non-incumbent."
Campaign manager Robby Mook said: "We are thrilled and grateful for the support of hundreds of thousands of donors across the country, helping us raise a record $75 million in the first two quarters."
An aide said the total puts Clinton "on track to hit her goal of raising $100 million in primary money for the year."
A separate Hillary Victory Fund raised at least $3 million to "help build the party and ensure Democrats have the resources they need to win the general election," the aide said.
It is unclear how much of the money came from donations of less than $200 — the accepted metric for small-dollar donations — or how much the Clinton campaign spent to raise its money.