Trump: Obama doesn’t care about black people

Trump: Obama doesn’t care about black people
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“Think of it,” Trump said at a rally in Manassas, Va. “Obama, your African-American youth — 51 percent unemployment, right? You guys our age, they have unemployment that’s double or triple what other people have. What the hell has he done for the African-Americans? He’s done nothing. He’s done nothing. I don’t think he cares about them. He’s done nothing. It’s all talk, it’s all words with this guy.”
“He’s an unbelievable divider,” the celebrity businessman continued. “I thought he’d be a great cheerleader for the country, that’s one thing I thought. I said he’d unify the country and he’s really divided the country. We’re going to unify the country and set records with the African-American vote.”
Trump predicted he’d win the White House in 2016 by capturing 25 percent of the black vote. In 2012, 93 percent of black voters cast their ballots for Obama.
Earlier this week, Trump had to cancel a press conference where he intended to announce endorsements from 100 black pastors, when several of the pastors denied they had committed to supporting his candidacy.
Several black pastors came on stage to show their support for Trump at Wednesday night’s rally.