Simon Rosenberg wins The Hill’s 2012 election contest

Rosenberg predicted President Obama would win 332 electoral votes and defeat Mitt Romney 51-48 percent in the popular vote. Should Obama win Florida, he will win exactly 332 electoral votes. At press time, Obama was leading in the Sunshine State by 47,000 votes.

The Democratic strategist correctly predicted that Obama would win Virginia and Ohio. He also said the Senate would remain in Democratic hands while the GOP would maintain control of the House with 235 Republicans and 200 Democrats.


Mason, host of “The Press Pool” on Sirius XM Radio’s POTUS channel, came in a close second. Her crystal ball said Obama would win 305 electoral votes and correctly forecast that Senate Democrats would pick up two seats.

Rosenberg is now a two-time winner, having bested Republican and Democratic pundits in The Hill’s 2008 contest. 

This article was updated at 10:20 a.m. on Nov. 8.