Multimillionaire Foster Friess all-in for Trump

Multimillionaire Foster Friess all-in for Trump
Republican mega-donor Foster Friess says he's decided to support Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpMia Love pulls ahead in Utah race as judge dismisses her lawsuit Trump administration denies exploring extradition of Erdoğan foe for Turkey Trump congratulates Kemp, says Abrams will have 'terrific political future' MORE because he doesn't believe people should be judged based on their past, or even present, behavior.
"My success came from harnessing people’s strengths and ignoring their weaknesses," Friess told The Hill in an email Saturday morning, explaining for the first time in detail his reasons for supporting the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. 
"And also, from assessing people not according to their pasts or where they are today, but rather based on what they can become,” Friess added.
"I believe that as Republicans continue to unite behind Donald Trump, he’ll become an even better candidate."
Friess, a multimillionaire mutual fund investor from Wisconsin, is among the most sought-after donors in GOP politics. 
In 2012, he almost single-handedly financed Rick Santorum's presidential bid, via contributions of more than $2 million to a super-PAC backing Santorum.
"I have donated to Donald Trump’s campaign and will be enthusiastically supporting him, our Republican Governors, and efforts to keep Congress in Republicans hands, both financially and in other meaningful ways," Friess said.
And while he would've preferred Santorum as the Republican nominee, he views Trump as preferable to Clinton and believes other skeptical Republicans will ultimately come on board. 
"The choice is stark," Friess said.
"Donald Trump’s commitment to appoint Scalia-like justices, leave minimum wage decisions to the states, neuter Dodd-Frank legislation, vet incoming refugees thoroughly, and eliminate sanctuary cities contrasts significantly with policies of a Clinton presidency."
Clinton’s possible Supreme Court appointments will "limit our freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and our ability to preserve our lives and the lives of our family, by confiscating our guns and accelerating our movement down the present perilous path," he added.
Friess closed his email with a prediction. 
"Ultimately, Donald Trump’s detractors will eagerly support the Republican nominee when they contemplate leaving a legacy of three or more Clinton-appointed Supreme Court justices," he said.
"Traditional Republicans — along with the welders, plumbers, farmers, truck drivers  and hospitality workers Donald Trump is bringing into the fold — will embrace a Trump-inspired, reignited America."