Issa gets into heated exchange with CNN anchor over illegal voting

Greg Nash

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) got into a heated exchange with a CNN anchor on Monday over the number of illegal votes cast in the U.S. 

During the exchange on CNN’s “New Day,” Issa voiced his respect for host Chris Cuomo while calling for the implementation of a “system that the American people believe in.”

{mosads}”We do have huge problems in getting elections accurate and quickly and getting them believed by the American people,” Issa said.

“So you believe that millions of people voted illegally? You believe that?” Cuomo shot back.

“I’m going to hold you to your facts. You said dozens or handfuls. We all know out of 320 million Americans, it wasn’t dozens or handfuls,” Issa responded.

Cuomo disputed the Issa’s claim, saying “we don’t know that.”

“We know that there have been many studies done, congressman, and that’s an exaggeration, what I just said. They came up with smaller numbers than that, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt in this analysis,” Cuomo said.

“Chris, I love you, but you’re in fact talking about dozens and saying, out of 320 million Americans, it is a lot more than dozens,” Issa responded. “In my own state, in my own election, I had a pair of ballots where obviously a spouse voted for their dead husband. The fact is, illegal voting goes on. The question really is, are we going to restore confidence?” 

Issa stressed the importance of “bringing confidence back to the voting process.”

“But then why would you say millions of people voted illegally?” Cuomo asked.

“We need to get a system that the American people believe in,” Issa said.

He added that he isn’t saying there are millions of illegal voters but that there needs to be confidence in the voting system. He also slammed President Obama for “fighting against the kinds of things that would build confidence back into our voting system.”

“We need to modernize the system. We need to make it accurate and believed by the American people,” Issa said. “And that’s all Donald Trump is getting America thinking about. And I think that’s a good thing.”

Cuomo said at the end of the exchange he would send Issa studies that show there are only “handfuls” of illegal voters.

“I will send you several studies on this because I will return the love that you have for me by giving you the information,” Cuomo said. “Because if we want accuracy in the system, we should start with how we describe that system as well.”

President-elect Donald Trump claimed last week there was serious voter fraud and said millions of people had voted illegally in the presidential election.

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