Spicer: ‘Business as usual is over’


Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer says “business as usual is over” when President-elect Donald Trump assumes office.

“And I think what I mean by that is that you know, the president-elect looks at this and says what’s best for the country?” Spicer told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday.

“How do we put America and Americans first and stop trying to figure out how we cater to you know, pundits and the establishment class, big donors?”

Spicer said the president-elect will put everyday people “first and foremost.”

{mosads}”And when he talks about Americans first, he means I don’t care what a bunch of elites tell me or people at a dinner party,” Spicer said.
“He wants to know what American workers care about, what American families care about, what’s going to help American businesses grow. And so yes, if we have to maintain some traditions, we’ll maintain them.”
Spicer was asked whether Trump will sit down with some of his critics in the media, those considered “left of center.”
He responded that he thinks the president-elect’s team owes the media a press conference, adding that he would “qualify that as engagement with left wing media.”
That press conference, he said, will come in January.
“I get it, we’re not going to win a battle whether the New York Times is going to ever give us a fair shake or not,” Spicer said.
“But we recognize that there’s, you know, a few thousand readers or so left that still look at the New York Times, and so it’s worth, probably, talking to them.”
Spicer said he thinks the president-elect will use “various outlets to continue the conversation.”
“As you point out, he’s not afraid of anybody,” Spicer said.
“He can sit down and go toe to toe with world leaders, top business folks. That’s what’s made him successful is his sort of no fear, get it done attitude.”
Spicer has in the past floated the prospect of Trump shaking up “this very stale operation” in the White House press corps, adding that conservative media and bloggers could have more of a presence and that the format of a standard daily briefing could change.
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