Conway: 'Flatly false' that Tiffany Trump registered in two states

President Trump's top aide, Kellyanne Conway, is disputing reports that the president's younger daughter, Tiffany Trump, is registered to vote in two states.

"I talked last night to Tiffany Trump, and she said it is flatly false that she is registered in two states," Conway said Thursday on NBC's "Today."

Heat Street reported Wednesday that the president's daughter is registered to vote in both Pennsylvania and New York. The report was confirmed by The Washington Post and NBC News.

Conway said she remembers talking with Tiffany Trump earlier this year about trying to register in New York "so she could vote for her father" in the state's presidential primary.

“She had been registered in Pennsylvania and went through the process, said it was very byzantine, and took a long time, but she said she is not registered in two states,” Conway said.

President Trump on Wednesday morning announced he would ask for a "major investigation" into voter fraud. He cited "those registered to vote in two states" as part of the problem.
It is illegal to cast a ballot in multiple states, but it is not illegal to be registered in two states at the same time. This often happens when people move to new states but their old state has not yet updated its voter rolls.

Tiffany Trump lived in Philadelphia while attending the University of Pennsylvania.

She reportedly cast her November ballot in New York City.

CNN reported Wednesday that Steven Mnuchin, Trump's pick for Treasury secretary, is registered in both New York and California, although records show he last voted at his New York address in 2008.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that chief White House strategist Steve Bannon was also registered to vote in two states — New York and Florida.