Poll: More young Republicans left GOP during 2016 election than Democrats

Pew Research Center
More young Republicans left their party over the past year than young Democrats did, according to a Wednesday report by Pew Research Center.
The poll shows 23 percent of young Republicans and Republican-leaning voters under the age of 30 switched to the Democrat party over the past year. During the same period, only nine percent of Democrats under 30 switched to the Republican Party.
The study also shows 21 percent of Republicans who left after December of 2015 returned to the party the following March; 9 percent of Democrats who abandoned their party returned.
Older voters appeared to remain much more loyal to their parties. Only 16 percent of Republicans over 50 defected and 19 percent of Democrats.
Among the Republicans who defected from the party, 84 percent expressed negative views of President Trump, while 84 percent of those who consistently identified as or leaned Republican approved of the president’s job performance.
Generally, however, voters who identify with a party stick with that party, Pew found. Large majorities of those who identified as Republicans and Democrats remained loyal to their parties from December 2015 to March 2017. 
Pew’s study pulled from six separate surveys completed between December 2015 and April 2017, with a margin of error ranging from plus or minus four percentage points to 16 percentage points. 
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