Ossoff: I’m focused on what I’m running for, not against

Democrat Jon Ossoff on Tuesday said his campaign for next month's Georgia House special election is focused on what he's for, no what he's against.

"I prefer to think about what I'm running for," Ossoff told CNN's "New Day" when asked whether he sees the race as a run against Republican Karen Handel or a referendum on President Trump.

"What I'm running for is greater accountability in Washington, the ability to work across the aisle to get things done that will develop metro Atlanta's regional economy so we can become an economic powerhouse," he added.


"I think we have too much running against things in this country. We need to be finding common ground, finding areas to work together."

Ossoff said he thinks that's the kind of "fresh approach and fresh leadership that's exciting people" of all parties in Georgia.

Asked why he is the best choice for the position, Ossoff touted his experience as a congressional aide and noted he is a small business owner.

"I run a company that specializes in exposing organized crime and political corruption," he said.

"And I bring a fresh perspective. I'm approaching voters across the district of all backgrounds and persuasions with humility and respect, making the case that we need some fresh leadership in Washington."

poll earlier this month found Ossoff was seven points ahead of Handel in the race, although most polls of Georgia's 6th District have shown the two candidates within two points of each other in the June 20 runoff.