Roy Moore: Impeach judge blocking transgender military ban

Greg Nash

Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore is calling for the impeachment of the federal judge who partially blocked President Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military.

“The decision of a federal judge in the District of Columbia enjoining President Trump’s executive order on transgenderism in the military is absolutely ridiculous and is a perfect example of the outlandish doctrine of judicial supremacy whereby judges exalt themselves over the Constitution they are sworn to uphold,” Moore, a former state Supreme Court chief justice, said in a statement on Monday.

His remarks come after U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled Monday that Trump’s directive violates the Fifth Amendment right to due process by reversing the June 2016 transgender policy and banning new transgender recruits from enlisting in the military.


She ruled that his ban cannot be enforced while the case is being reviewed in court. 

Moore slammed Kollar-Kotelly, saying she “placed herself above the Constitution” and exhibited “judicial activism.”

He argued that the House of Representatives should impeach her for violations of the Constitution that include “unlawful usurpation of power” and “lack of good behavior” before turning the case over to the Senate to have her officially removed.

“Only in 2016 did the Obama administration attempt to impose that delusion upon our fighting forces. To say that President Trump cannot prohibit transgenderism in the military is a clear example of judicial activism. Even the United States Supreme Court has never declared transgenderism to be a right under the Constitution,” he wrote.

Moore, who has said homosexual behavior should be illegal and Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress, has also been outspoken about removing transgender people from the military.

“We don’t need transgender bathrooms and we don’t need transgender military and we don’t need a weaker military,” Moore reportedly said over the weekend during a political rally. “We need to go back to what this country is about.”

Moore will face off against Democrat Doug Jones in the Dec. 12 special election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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