Christie faces off with voter: You won’t run for office because it’s 'too hard'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) engaged in a heated exchange with a voter on Tuesday, telling the woman she won’t run for office to address her concerns because it’s “too hard.”

According to video uploaded by a reporter for The New York Times, Christie spoke with a woman who asked the governor why he did not merge a town in New Jersey with the neighboring borough.

Christie told the woman he does not have the authority to merge the two, suggesting she run for office in her town.


“You’re so frustrated and you know what the easiest thing in the world, the easiest thing in the world is to stand where you stand and stand on the sidelines and critique,” Christie said.

After Christie advised her to run for her township committee, the woman told the governor she did not have access to the funds he did to run for office.

“No I know, because that’s too hard. It’s easier to sit here,” Christie said. “It’s easier to sit here and complain.” 

Christie has previously engaged in contentious exchanges with his critics. The Tuesday conversation with the woman in New Jersey came on the day of the state’s gubernatorial election, where Christie’s lieutenant governor, Kim Guadagno, is running as the Republican nominee.