Scott Baio: I rewatch Trump’s victory online for a pick-me-up

Greg Nash

It’s a year later, but whenever Scott Baio needs a pick-me-up, he relives Nov. 8, 2016.

“I go online and I type in the words ‘moment Trump won’ and I watch the videos,” the 57-year-old “Joanie Loves Chachi” and “Charles in Charge” star said. “I’ll watch an hour of videos every once in a while and it’s great. It’s the best thing I could watch.”

{mosads}Baio, an ardent supporter of President Trump who spoke at the Republican National Convention, distinctly recalls how he “didn’t want to watch” TV on election night, since he thought that Trump was going to get “killed” at the polls.

“I went upstairs into the bedroom and had my cellphone with me and I didn’t have any radio or television on. And I just laid there and was literally praying out loud.”

After his brother texted him saying Trump led Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a key state, Baio said he figured the election gods were somehow answering his prayers.

“I thought to myself, ‘OK, [Trump’s] turned it around. If I get up and leave now, I’m going to jinx it because by me laying here, it’s working’ — like the universe cares about me laying on my bed,” Baio said.

“At that point I couldn’t take it anymore, and I said, ‘God, forgive me for breaking the mojo here, but I have to go downstairs and watch.’ ”

When the election was ultimately called for Trump, Baio said he was in complete shock, but felt “incredible.”

“He won when every person on the planet said he wouldn’t,” Baio said.

“What a roller coaster for me, and I’m sure millions of other people,” Baio said. “I was just floored by the whole thing.”

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