GOP House group launches new ads in key districts ahead of midterms

(AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib)

The Congressional Leadership Fund rolled out new ads in 11 House districts on Wednesday, including their first spots in five districts. 

The Republican group is launching its first ads in Iowa’s 1st and 3rd districts, New York’s 19th District, California’s 40th District, and Pennsylvania’s 7th District. The latest ads are apart of the group’s ad reserves for the general election. 

The ad in New York’s 19th District is a part of a total $500,000 reserve for the general election, with the group adding $50,000 to its initial investment last week. The ads in Iowa’s 1st and 3rd districts are a part of $1.1 million and $975,000 reserves, respectively. The ad in Pennsylvania’s 7th District is a part of a $7.2 million reserve, and in California’s 40th District it’s part of a $600,000 reserve. 

Additionally, the group is rolling out ads in Kansas’s 3rd District, Maine’s 2nd District, Michigan’s 10th District, Pennsylvania’s 17th District and Nebraska’s 2nd District. 

The Hill was the first outlet to see the group’s ads on Wednesday. 

The spots seek to paint the Democratic incumbents and candidates as extreme and out of touch with voters. 

“Democrats have left our economy in shambles and our neighborhoods less safe than ever before,” Calvin Moore, the Congressional Leadership Fund’s communications director, said in a statement. “Americans everywhere are seeing for themselves the consequences of the left’s failed leadership and are desperate for new leadership to turn things around.”

The ads come as House candidates enter the final stretch of the midterm campaign, with less than 50 days to go until Election Day. Like their GOP counterparts, Democrats are also pouring money into House races. The Democratic House Majority Pac has reserved more than $122 million in television ads, compared to the Congressional Leadership Fund’s more than $162 million.

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