Haberman predicting Trump will run again: ‘The second he says he’s not, he’s irrelevant’

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman is predicting that former President Trump will make another bid for the White House, but raises questions about his enthusiasm for a potential campaign.

“The second he says he’s not, he’s irrelevant,” Haberman told Politico of Trump running again.  

She also noted that most in Trump’s orbit believe he’ll launch another presidential bid, but that “many of them say his heart isn’t quite in it.”

“Now, those two things are not mutually exclusive. You can run and have your heart not be in it. However, we have seen with other people who run when their heart isn’t in it, voters actually can tell you it has an impact on how you run,” said Haberman, the author of a forthcoming book about the former president.

The potential for Trump, who is facing a number of investigations and legal challenges over his actions as president and after leaving office, to wage another White House campaign is “an unprecedented situation,” Haberman added.  

Trump continues to maintain his false 2020 election fraud claims, and still wields power over many in the GOP even after losing to President Biden. 

Haberman, who has closely covered the former president throughout his time in office and after he left office, also told The New York Times that she thinks the former president seems “less engaged,” but still appears to covet the power of the office.  

“I think Trump misses the pomp and legal protections that the presidency afforded him. I also think he wants revenge on Biden, and on the media, and on a whole range of people. And he wants to be able to continue to raise money and get attention, both of which disappear if he doesn’t run,” Haberman said.

“What I’m not clear on is that he really wants to wage another campaign, in part because he’s that much older and in part because he seems less engaged generally. But that will reveal itself in the coming weeks or months,” she added. 

And in an interview with CBS Sunday, Haberman said she thinks Trump has “backed himself into a corner where he has to run.”

“I think that he needs the protections that running for president, he thinks, would afford him in combating investigations that he calls a witch hunt. And it is the way that he fundraises and makes money. So much of his identity now is about being a politician,” Haberman said.

“So I expect that he will run. That doesn’t mean that, even if he declares a candidacy, that he will stay in the whole time.”

Haberman’s forthcoming book, “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America,” is slated for release Tuesday.

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