Both sides think they are losing more than winning in political fights: poll

Associated Press/Jessica Hill
A voter checks in at Suffield Middle School on primary election day, Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022, in Suffield, Conn. Suffield is one of several small towns in Connecticut where control was flipped from Democrats to Republicans in 2021 municipal races. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

A growing share of Americans on both sides of the aisle think their political side has been losing more often than winning on the issues that matter to them, new polling shows. 

A Pew Research Center study released Monday found that 72 percent of U.S. adults think their side is losing politically, up from 65 percent last year and 56 percent in 2020.  

Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, 81 percent think their side is losing more often than winning.  

Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents are also anxious about their party’s success, despite feeling better about their side than their Republican counterparts: 66 percent think their side is losing more often than winning. 

When former President Trump was in office, 69 percent on the Republican side said their group was actually winning more often than losing — while 80 percent on the Democrat side felt they were losing, according to a February 2020 Pew poll.

Other recent polling has indicated that many Americans are dissatisfied with leadership in both parties and concerned about U.S. democracy more broadly. 

Many Americans want neither President Biden nor former President Trump to run for reelection in 2024. 

At the same time, polling also indicates most Americans think this year’s upcoming midterm elections are more important than those in previous years.

The Pew Research study was conducted Sept. 13-8 and surveyed 10,588 U.S. adults. The margin of error for the full sample was 1.5 percentage points.  

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