Son rips Herschel Walker on ‘family values’

Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker’s adult son, Christian Walker, posted two videos on Tuesday morning laying into his father after The Daily Beast reported the elder Walker paid a woman to abort a child the two conceived in 2009.

“Family values, people?” Christian Walker said in the video. “He has four kids, four different women, he wasn’t in the house raising one of them, he was out having sex with other women. Do you care about family values?”

Herschel Walker, who has railed against abortion on the campaign trail, has denied The Daily Beast’s report, calling it a “flat-out lie” created to hand Democrats a victory in the closely watched race.

The outlet said it spoke to the woman who allegedly had the abortion, although it did not identify her, citing a bank receipt of a $700 check from Walker and a get-well card he wrote, both of which the woman provided.

Christian Walker on Tuesday suggested his father lied about the incident, arguing he chose to stay out of the fray previously but could no longer do so after the outlet’s report.

“I was silent lie after lie after lie,” he said. “The abortion part drops yesterday, it’s literally his handwriting in the card, they say they have receipts, whatever. He gets on Twitter, he lies about it. OK, I’m done, I’m done. Everything has been a lie.”

After Christian Walker posted a written tweet on Monday evening criticizing his father shortly after the story broke, Herschel Walker wrote, “I LOVE my son no matter what.”

The GOP nominee faced criticism earlier this year for not previously disclosing the fact he had fathered three additional children. He also faces allegations of domestic abuse from his ex-wife, who is Christian Walker’s mother.

“We were told at the beginning of this he was going to get ahead of his past, hold himself accountable all of these different things,” he said in the video. “And that would have been fine, go ahead. He didn’t do any of that. Everything’s been a lie, everything’s been downplayed everything’s been cutting corners, the whole thing.”

The candidate’s son also railed against those on both sides of the aisle for their response to the allegations, saying the right has called him “suspicious” and the left has acted as if he is responsible for his father’s alleged actions.

“Don’t put this on me,” he said. “This is a candidate issue, not a me issue.”

The Hill has reached out to the Walker campaign for further comment.

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