Schwarzenegger encourages Supreme Court to 'make the right decision' on partisan gerrymandering

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) encouraged the Supreme Court to "make the right decision" on partisan gerrymandering on Wednesday, hours after the nation's highest court heard arguments on a Maryland redistricting case. 

The former actor said he was "100 percent" behind Marylanders pushing for the court to strike down a map drawn after the 2010 census that led to the defeat of longtime Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett. 

"Now I know that the Supreme Court is going to make the right decision, but in the meantime let's all fight and make sure that we go and reverse this madness that's going on in America and get rid of gerrymandering once and for all," Schwarzenegger said in a video statement. 


If the Supreme Court decides to strike down Maryland's current legislative map, it would be the first such decision regarding alleged partisan gerrymandering by the high court. 

The Supreme Court heard arguments last October on a Wisconsin case that was considered a first test of the current bench's stance. Schwarzenegger attended those arguments and used the same catchphrase he employed on Wednesday, saying it's "time to terminate gerrymandering." 

The "Terminator" star was known as a champion of redistricting reform during his time as governor of California.