Jason Kander running for mayor of Kansas City

Jason Kander running for mayor of Kansas City
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Former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander (D) on Sunday confirmed he will run for mayor of Kansas City, Mo.


"I want to make sure that no matter where you live in the city and however you grow up, you have a chance to build your life right here," Kander told The Kansas City Star. "Whether it's because of a job, education, crime, housing or infrastructure, we all know that Kansas City is at its best when people don't have to move from one part of the city to another or out of town altogether to live the life they want and deserve." 

Kander, who has been rumored to have presidential ambitions, dismissed talk of higher political office.    

"While running Let America Vote, I was also considering the best way to serve," Kander told the Star. "Obviously, I was flattered by all the different ideas that people had for me. But the whole time I was thinking about how to impact my community most and whether that was in public office." 

Kander added that next year’s mayoral race in Kansas City presents a special opportunity to serve his fellow Kansans, "particularly at a time when I think it's real important that we have somebody who can continue the progress that's been built."

The Democratic candidate also said he plans to focus on efforts by the local government to take control of the city's police department.

According to the publication, Kansas City's government is the only one among large cities not to have control over its own police department.

"Kansas City deserves local control of its police department. Jefferson City has no business controlling our police force, and it needs to end," Kander continued. "It's unfair and doesn't make any sense."