RNC outraises DNC again in June

RNC outraises DNC again in June
© Greg Nash

The Republican National Committee (RNC) posted strong fundraising numbers for June, surpassing the cash-strapped Democratic National Committee (DNC) for another month in a row.

RNC officials reported almost $14 million in fundraising in June, compared to just $8 million raised by Democrats during that time. The party remains far ahead of the DNC in to-date fundraising totals for this cycle, enjoying a lead of almost $100 million in total funds raised, according to The Washington Post.


Democrats ended June with just $9 million cash on hand and $6.3 million in debt, according to the Post. That's compared to a much larger $50.7 million cash on hand for Republicans.

The RNC's strong month of fundraising in June comes a little over a year after a record-high fundraising month in May 2017, when Republicans raised more than $10 million and set records for fundraising in an off-year election.

Cash problems are not the DNC's only problem heading in to the 2018 midterms. Despite an in-state cash advantage in Georgia, Democrats lost a special election for a Georgia House seat in the most expensive race in history last year, costing at least $40 million.

Democrats are hoping to retake the House, where they face a 23-seat deficit, and the Senate, where they face a two-seat deficit, in November.

A generic House ballot survey earlier this month showed Democrats with a 10-point advantage for control of the lower chamber.