Bannon: 2018 elections are Trump’s first reelection campaign

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Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon said Friday that the 2018 midterm elections amount to President Trump’s first reelection campaign because he says Democrats will attempt to impeach the president if they take both chambers of Congress.

Bannon told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that Trump supporters need to turn out at 2016 levels to bolster the Trump administration during the midterms.


“Sean you said something, [that] it’s the most important midterm. I would just like to rephrase that, I think this is President Trump’s first reelect,” he said.

“Everybody that turned out in 2016 have to do it all over again,” Bannon continued. “Or the first action they’re going to take under [Rep.] Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.] or whoever the Democratic Speaker is is trying to impeach President Trump.”

Dozens of House Democrats have signed onto an effort to impeach the president, but the movement has gained little traction among House Democratic leadership.

Bannon went on to urge Trump supporters to vote for Republicans across the board, even if those candidates do not support the president or are considered “RINOs” — Republicans in name only.

“This is a national referendum. Whether it’s a RINO, whether it’s an establishment figure, whether it’s either a congressman or a senator that you don’t fully support, that is not the question now,” he said. “The question is about President Trump and his agenda. And you’re gonna have to sometimes vote for people that you’re not totally comfortable with, OK? That means some establishment figures, some RINOs. It doesn’t matter.”

Bannon made headlines last week with the announcement that he has launched an effort to link far-right political parties in Europe to capitalize on an international movement he says was started by the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union.

“It was so successful that we’re going to start staffing up,” Bannon told the Daily Beast in an interview last week. “Everybody agrees that next May is hugely important, that this is the real first continent-wide face-off between populism and the party of Davos. This will be an enormously important moment for Europe.”

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