Poll: Young adults feeling anxious heading into midterms

Poll: Young adults feeling anxious heading into midterms
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Young voters are anxious about the results of November's midterm elections, more so than any other age group, according to a new poll.

An Associated Press-NORC/MTV poll released Wednesday found that nearly half of all respondents ages 15-34 say they are "anxious" about the results of November's midterms, up from 36 percent in the same poll taken in July.


The biggest rise in anxiety has been among left-leaning young people, according to the poll. Sixty-one percent of young Americans identifying as Democrats surveyed said they were worried about the midterms, compared to 39 percent in July.

Interest levels are also rising ahead of the midterms, with 73 percent of younger Democratic respondents and about two-thirds of respondents overall saying they are interested in the results of the midterm elections, up from about 40 percent who expressed interest in July.

Younger Republicans are more optimistic about the future than Democrats, according to the poll, with 72 percent of young Republicans expressing to pollsters that they are "hopeful" about the midterms, while 68 percent of young Democratic voters said the same.

One feeling among younger Americans that dropped over the summer was a sense of being "overwhelmed" ahead of the midterms: 43 percent of young Americans said they felt that way in July, but the number has dropped to 34 percent in the most recent poll.

Democrats are hoping to take 23 seats in the House and a net of two in the Senate to retake both chambers of Congress in November. A recent generic ballot poll showed Democrats with a single-digit lead over Republicans for control of the House following November's elections.

The AP-NORC/MTV poll surveyed 1,012 Americans ages 15-34 for the poll between Aug. 23-Sept. 10, and contains a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points.