Broken ballot scanners lead to long lines in NYC

Broken ballot scanners lead to long lines in NYC
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Several polling sites across New York City have reported broken ballot scanners, leading to long lines, The Associated Press reports.

High turnout at one polling place led to a line twisting around a junior high school gym on Manhattan's Upper West Side, according to the AP.

Two of the roughly six scanners in the facility weren't working, poll workers told waiting voters.


Most of the scanners at two Brooklyn polling sites were also malfunctioning, the news outlet reported.

One voter told the AP that half the scanners were broken down at a polling sight in Crown Heights. She added that she waited two hours to vote, during which all of the polling place's machines broke forcing her to drop her ballot in an "emergency ballot box."

A number of polling places across the U.S. reported technical delays on Tuesday.

Precincts in Georgia reportedly suffered technical delays as voters headed to the polls for the midterm elections.

Officials said the precincts were experiencing difficulties with the system that produces access cards for the state’s electronic polling system.

In one North Carolina county, high humidity and ballot sized caused issues for machines.

Democrats are hoping to pick up 23 seats to flip the lower chamber in Tuesday's midterm elections. Most political handicappers give them a good chance of doing so.

Republicans, meanwhile, are expected to maintain control of the Senate.