Broward County election chief on Jeb Bush calling for her resignation: 'That's his opinion'

Brenda Snipes, the embattled Supervisor of Elections in Broward County, Fla., on Tuesday responded to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's call for her to resign.  

"If that is Jeb Bush’s opinion, there’s nothing I can do about that," Snipes said at a press conference. "That’s his opinion."


Snipes pointed out that Bush appointed her as Broward County Supervisor of Elections in 2003. 

"Jeb Bush did put me in this position, and that was following the removal of another black woman," she said, referencing Miriam Oliphant.

Bush at the time said he was suspending Oliphant for "grave neglect, mismanagement and incompetence."

When a reporter later asked Snipes if she was alleging Bush is biased against her as a black woman, she said, "I don’t know. I try to look at all factors and it’s sort of hard to rule out race." 

Bush on Monday called for Snipes' resignation, claiming she has "failed to comply with Florida law on multiple counts." 

Snipes has been at the center of many Republicans' criticism during the Florida recounts. Three statewide races in Florida, including the gubernatorial and the Senate race, are in the midst of recounts, sparking bitter legal fights and accusations. 

The Sun Sentinel listed a number of problems that have allegedly occurred in Broward County under Snipes's leadership, including long lines and late vote counts. 

"It is unfortunate that we’ve had some issues that have gotten continuous and expanded publicity," Snipes said on Tuesday. "Many supervisors have various kinds of incidents to occur. I don’t know why we get a bigger spotlight than some." 

She said she has "worked for 15 years tirelessly for the voters of Broward County" and vowed to do so until her "time is up."