Democrat beats Republican by 1 vote in Kentucky state House race

Democrat beats Republican by 1 vote in Kentucky state House race
© Greg Nash

Democratic challenger Jim Glenn beat GOP state Rep. D.J. Johnson by one vote in their Kentucky state House race. 

"I've had 25 people tell me they are the one person that voted for me," Glenn told The Associated Press. "Whether it was one vote or one thousand, it's a win. A win's a win no matter how you count it."


The AP noted that results from Glenn's victory in Kentucky House District 13 were upheld by a county board of elections on Thursday, after a review of the voting machine count did not change the outcome. 

The Kentucky State Board of Elections is scheduled to certify the results next week. However, Johnson has indicated that he may ask for a recount. 

"It went as expected. I didn't expect any changes. At this point, we're still in the process, step one. I'm meeting with the team, talking with them to consider a recount," Johnson told a local news affiliate, Tristate.

According to Kentucky law, the state's House of Representatives would be required to oversee a recount process by appointing a commission of about five to nine members. 

Glenn spent five terms in the Kentucky legislature before being ousted from his seat in 2016 by Johnson. The district he will represent covers most of Owensboro.

The state GOP is set to have a 61-seat supermajority in the legislature should the results stand.