Republicans coalesce around small-dollar online fundraising system: report

Republicans coalesce around small-dollar online fundraising system: report
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Republican officials and political advisers in the White House have reportedly reached an agreement aimed at boosting the GOP's fundraising efforts, particularly among small-dollar donors.

Politico reported Monday that Data Trust, which is used by the Republican National Committee (RNC), will work with Revv, the donation processor used by the Trump campaign, to form Patriot Pass.

Patriot Pass is intended to rival ActBlue, Politico reported, the Democratic online fundraising mechanism that pulled in hundreds of millions of dollars in donations during the 2018 midterm campaign.


“The Democrats clearly in congressional races — not at the presidential level but in congressional races in 2018 — had an advantage in small-dollar donors," Mike Shields, a Data Trust senior adviser, told Politico. "And so you say, ‘Why is that? There was enthusiasm in both parties.’ And it’s because they had the mechanism to harness and add rocket fuel to that energy."

While the RNC held a fundraising advantage over the Democratic National Committee during last year's midterm cycle, Democratic candidates fared better at fundraising on an individual basis.

Democratic congressional candidates combined raised more than $1 billion through September, compared to $709 million for Republicans.

Democrats in November flipped 40 House seats to secure a majority in the lower chamber, while Republicans picked up two seats in the Senate to expand their majority.