Iowa Democratic Party proposes virtual caucus for 2020

The Iowa Democratic Party proposed on Monday making their caucus virtual for the 2020 election.

Party Chair Troy Price outlined the changes that will attempt to make caucuses more accessible, for example for evening workers and the elderly.


“The Iowa Democratic Party has always sought ways to improve our caucus process, and today, we are setting the stage for the 2020 Iowa caucuses to be the most accessible, transparent, and successful caucuses in our party’s history,” Price said. 

“Starting almost immediately after the 2016 cycle, this party took a holistic look at how we can make the Iowa caucuses more accessible and transparent. These proposals are the result of thousands of hours of conversation and years of hard work.”

The proposal, called the 2020 Iowa Delegate Selection Plan, also includes changes to the recount system and information released about results.

“While we will always continue to improve the caucus process, I am confident that with these historic changes, we are giving more Iowans a way to participate in the caucuses, we are increasing transparency and trust, and we are streamlining our process,” Price explained. “We invite Iowans to look at these proposals and give us their feedback so that together we can make the 2020 Iowa Democratic Party caucuses the most successful yet.”

There is now a 30-day public comment period on the proposed changes.

The Iowa caucuses are scheduled for Feb. 3, 2020.