Schultz says John Roberts an example of a 'consensus' SCOTUS pick

Schultz says John Roberts an example of a 'consensus' SCOTUS pick
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Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO mulling an Independent presidential bid in 2020, said he thinks Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a good example of a “consensus” pick for the high court.

“Well, I think Justice Roberts has proven to be a wonderful example of what we are talking about and I think he has the temperament of humility and he has demonstrated time and time again, especially in recent cases, his ability to rise above politics,” Schultz said on the Fox News radio show “Benson and Harf.”


Schultz’s comments about Roberts, a George W. Bush nominee, could further chafe the Democratic base after concerns erupted earlier this year that the former businessman could split the anti-Trump vote.

His comments follow a vow he made during the South by Southwest Festival saying he would only nominate Supreme Court justices who can be confirmed by two-thirds of the Senate and sign legislation that has bipartisan support.

Schultz has sought to cast himself as a bipartisan pragmatist, saying the Democratic Party has drifted to the left on an array of issues and that Republicans are too blind in their support of the president.

“If you get an Independent person in that Oval Office you will see Republicans and Democrats take off that uniform of ideology and start voting with their heart and your conscience on behalf of the American people. And in addition to that, you'll see a plethora of Independent candidates running for office immediately as a result of the license they will have as a result of an Independent president,” he said on “Benson and Harf.”