Edwards campaign to continue despite wife's cancer

Former vice presidential candidate and first-tier Democratic White House hopeful John Edwards announced Thursday that he would continue his campaign despite the recurrence of his wife's cancer.

At a press conference in North Carolina, John and Elizabeth Edwards said the presidential campaign would continue to go strongly and Mrs. Edwards added she was able to withstand the rigors of a White House run.

“I am as ready as any person can be for that,” she said when asked about the future of the campaign.

Mrs. Edwards, who was diagnosed with breast cancer immediately following the 2004 presidential campaign, in which her husband was the running mate of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), was believed to be cancer-free.


But an examination of a cracked rib sparked suspicion earlier this week that the cancer might have returned and spread to her bones. This was confirmed in a follow-up visit to a doctor on Wednesday.

John Edwards said his wife’s cancer is not curable but can be treated. He compared it to living with diabetes.

“We are very optimistic about this, because having been through some struggles together in the past, we know that the key is to keep your head up and keep moving and be strong, and we intend to do exactly that,” he said.