Stacey Abrams not ruling out 2020 White House run

Stacey Abrams not ruling out 2020 White House run
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Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) said Thursday that she has not ruled out entering the crowded Democratic primary field, though she said she has not made a decision yet.

In an excerpt from an interview with the podcast "Pod Save America" released Thursday afternoon, the Georgia Democrat answered with the affirmative "yes" when pressed on whether she was considering a run for the White House.


"It has been reported that you are still considering joining the ever-growing Democratic presidential field. Is that true?" host Dan Pfeiffer asked in the clip.

"Yes," Abrams responded, without elaborating.

The comments come weeks after Abrams hinted that she would make a decision on entering the presidential race before September. She recently ruled out a run for Senate following her narrow election defeat to Gov. Brian Kemp (R) last November.

"I will not be a candidate for the United States Senate," Abrams said in a video message. "The fights to be waged require a deep commitment to the job, and I do not see the U.S. Senate as the best role for me in this battle for our nation's future."

She previously told MSNBC that she was "truly" thinking about a run for president, while also leaving other options open. Since her election defeat, she has focused on voter registration efforts in her home state.

“I am thinking about it, I truly am. I think that the timing for me is first deciding about the Senate, because I do think you cannot run for an office unless you know that’s the job you want to do. I don’t think you use offices as stepping stones,” she said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe" in April.

“So, my first responsibility is to determine whether a Senate run is right for me, and then the next conversation for myself is, if not the Senate, then what else," she continued.