Samantha Bee slams 2020 Democrats who go on Fox News

Comedian Samantha Bee slammed Democrats who appear on Fox News town halls, saying that they legitimize the conservative-friendly network. 

"You do not have to go on Fox News," she said during an episode of her "Full Frontal" show that aired late Wednesday. "Look, it's great to talk to as many voters as possible, but where you talk to them matters."

"Why would you appear on a channel that talks about you like this?" she asked before playing clips of various Fox News contributors calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) "Pocahontas," referring to South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg as a "young buckaroo with flamboyant ideas" and saying that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was "not hip-hop."

Bee also referenced an error in which the network displayed Harris's picture when talking about a shooting suspect. 

"If you play along with Fox, you don't look principled or bipartisan, you just look stupid," she said.

"Nobody is impressed by how Charlie Brown reaches across the aisle to Lucy's football," she added, referencing the "Peanuts" cartoons. 

"When you go on Fox News, no matter how lit your town hall game is that night, you are legitimizing them. You wouldn't go on North Korea state television, right?"  she asked. 

Democratic presidential hopefuls Harris and Warren have notably rejected offers for Fox News town halls, but a number of others, including Buttigieg, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), have agreed to appear on the network.